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With its slim, lightweight design, the MOTOTRBO SL3500e portable two-way radio is stylish and discreet. It blends seamlessly with professional attire, allowing you to move freely. At the same time, it’s durable and built to last.


Get quick access to key radio functions along with information at a glance. Connect discreetly to Bluetooth® earpieces and sensors. Access Wi-Fi networks for over-the-air software updates. And use the SL3500e on trunking systems that support both data and voice.

uits your style
The SL3500e portable two-way radio gives you instant communication—without the bulky look and feel of a traditional radio. At just 23mm, it fits easily in your hand, or discreetly in a suit jacket or pants pocket. At only 6.7oz (190g), you can move freely and comfortably without being weighed down. Sleek and attractive, the it blends with business attire and enhances your professional look.

Model Number SL3500e Band VHF UHF Frequency 136-174 MHz 403-470 MHz High Power Output1 (Digital) 3 W High Power Output (Analog) 2 W Low Power Output 0.5, 1W Channel Spacing 12.5, 25*kHz Channel Capacity 128 Dimensions (H x W x D), Radio + Standard Battery 125.7 x 55.0 x 22.7 mm Weight, Radio + Standard Battery 190g FCC Description AZ489FT7107 AZ489FT7106 IC Description 109U-89FT7107 109U-89FT7106 Digital / Analog Battery Life2 (Li-Ion (2300mAH) Battery) 13.5 / 11 hrs Power Supply (Nominal) 3.7 V RECEIVER SPECIFICATIONS Analog Sensitivity (12dB SINAD) 0.3 uV, 0.22uV (typical) Digital Sensitivity (5% BER) 0.25 uV, 0.19uV (typical) Intermodulation (TIA603D) 70 dB Adjacent Channel Selectivity, (TIA603A)-1-tone 60 dB (12.5 kHz channel), 70 dB (25 kHz channel) Adjacent Channel Selectivity, (TIA603D)-2-tone 45 dB (12.5 kHz channel), 70 dB (25 kHz channel) Spurious Rejection (TIA603D) 70 dB ADDITIONAL FEATURES • Transmit Interrupt • Unified Call List • Enhanced Privacy • Fixed Privacy Key Decryption • Ignore Clear Signal • Bluetooth Audio • Emergency Search Tone • Covert Mode • Intelligent Audio • Mute Mode • Noise Suppressor • Notification List • Radio Service Menu • Quick Text Messaging • User-Selectable Audio