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3CX for the Hospitality Industry

Mitel has dominated the hospitality market for years, but those ancient Mitel systems are aging and coming due for replacement. Hotels all over the country are looking for cost-effective replacements to Mitel - and 3CX is the perfect fit.

The 3CX licensing model is ideal for hotels because no matter how many rooms the hotel has, the number of extensions on 3CX is unlimited. And the best part is the system isn’t priced on a per room/ext. basis, but rather simultaneous calls. For example, a 3CX 16 simultaneous call license can easily support a hotel of 120+ rooms in most instances. The cost savings that a simultaneous call license model offers, compared to a PBX licensed per extension is dramatic.

If the hotel is new construction or if the building will be rewired with a Cat5/6, then IP phones can be used in the guest rooms. But in many cases, you will need to reuse the existing analog phones because it will not be in the budget to re-wire the room. If you find yourself in this scenario, don’t worry. Simply use affordable FXS gateways to convert the analog phones into SIP extensions on 3CX… no need for new cabling.

If the hotel doesn’t have a property management system, then the 3CX Hotel Console itself will allow guest check ins, wake up calls, etc. The hotel staff will login to the 3CX console to perform these functions. More often than not, the hotel will have an existing PMS that needs to be integrated into the phone system. In this case, the 3CX Hotel Module can integrate with a host of Hotel Property Management Systems (PMS) such as Micros Fidelio, InnQuest, OPERA, Protel and more. The hotel staff can continue to use the PMS software they are familiar with, but the PBX actions will be triggered in 3CX.

These include:

  • Check in and check out of guests
  • Set guest extensions to DnD
  • Allows blocking of external calls
  • Schedule wake up calls
  • Billing for guest calls to/from rooms
  • Allows housekeeping to set room status via the phone
  • Allows minibar usage to be reported via the phone

Holiday Inn, Intercontinental, and Ramada are just a few of the hotel franchises that have implemented 3CX and are realizing the significant savings. Review some of their success stories here.